Sports Event Photographer

At some point of time in our lives we've all been captivated by stunning sports images. We all like good action photo and in particular, if your kids play sports, you definetly want to remember them in their toils.

Sports and Action photography is all about timing. Its about reacting. Its about being in the right place at the right time and its about execution. These are all qualities of the athlete and those of the photographer as well. With the right equipment and the right set of lenses for each sport, we have everything it takes to photograph the most professional level of both indoor and outdoor sports .

You can rely on us to offer a top quality and reliable service for your sports event. You get all professionally retouched digital photos from the event at no extra charge. We also release you the right to print as many copies as you'd like. We've photographed numerous sports events such as soccer games, basketball games, tennis tournaments, and athletics for sports clubs, schools and organisations within 50 miles of Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia, Las Vegas and the Sunnyvale Bay area.

Sports Events Photography

Here is a list of some of the most popular sports events that we've photographed. If you have a specific school event that you want us to photograph, please do not hesitate to contact us. We go above and beyond to accommodate our clients needs.

  • Marathons Photographer

  • Outdoor Sports Photographer

  • Indoor sports Photographer

  • Tournaments Photographer

  • Sports Meet Photographer

  • Other Sports Events

What you get

Here's what you get with every package

  • A professional photographer with gear to shoot the event.

  • All professionally retouched images from the event in a pen drive.

  • A Web Gallery of all retouched images for viewing and sharing.

  • Copyrights to print photos, make copies and order enlargements.

  • Option to order prints and enlargements.

Pricing & Packages

Outdoor Sports

Soccer | Baseball | Football | Hockey | Athletics | Marathon


  •    Starting price: $300

  •    Discounted pricing for tournaments with multiple games.

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Indoor Sports

Tennis | Swimming | Basketball | Racquet Ball | Gymnastics


  •    Starting Price: $200

  •    Discounted pricing for tournaments with multiple games.

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